As the head of Free Range Studios' video and entertainment department, Erica Priggen oversees the creative and strategic development of all of the company's video campaigns. With a Master's in Consciousness Studies, she brings a deep study of sustainability and systems thinking to her work, with a concentration on the importance of storytelling and mythology as tools for cultural transformation. She believes that film is one of the most effective ways to inspire people to action. Her years of experience in live-action and animation production (commercials, television and features), combined with her love of the creative process, allows her to work on meta level messaging with a groundedness in what it takes bring a piece of media to its most impactful manifestation. Erica is the producer of Free Range's award-winning The Story of Stuff, as well as other hits such as, The Good Life, and the Alliance for Climate Education's national high school assembly program. When she is not making Free Range films, you can find her outdoors and enjoying being an amateur beekeeper… completely awed by the wisdom and elegance of nature's creations.

Kim Sawchuk, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University. She is the co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Communication, wi: journal of mobile media as well as the forthcoming book The Wireless Spectrum (with Barbara Crow and Michael Longford) which is being published by the University of Toronto Press. She is a founding member of Studio XX.

Matt Forsythe is content manager and social media manager at the National Film Board of Canada and teaches new media journalism at Concordia University. Matt is also a founding editor of, the most popular illustration blog in the world. Drawn was hailed by Time Magazine as one of the "50 Coolest Websites of 2006" and won the Best Canadian Weblog Award at SXSW. Follow him on Twitter at @mattforsythe or find out more about him at

Juliette Powell ( is a media entrepreneur, a community catalyst and the author of 33 Million People in the Room: How to create, influence and Run a Successful Business with Social Networking, (January 2009, Financial Times Press). Drawing on first hand experience as a social media expert and co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank, an innovation forum that connects technology, media, entertainment, and business communities, Powell writes about the patterns and practices of successful business leaders who bank on social networking to win. Powell’s background includes a decade of experience in broadcast television as well as in interactive/new media content and formats, and a lifelong interest in people and community-building. With her deep knowledge of the people and technologies at the forefront of social media, Powell has gained a solid reputation for discovering the latest developments and distilling their social and business implications. Her consulting services have been employed by corporate, government and new media organizations, including Red Bull, Mozilla, Microsoft, Compaq, Trump International, the United Nations, the Department of Justice, Paltalk, Rocketboom and Nokia.

As co-creator and producer of The Women In the Director’s Chair Workshop (WIDC), and President and CEO of Creative Women Workshops Association (CWWA), Carol Whiteman champions the career advancement of women screen directors. She holds an Honours BFA from York University, is a graduate of the Alliance Atlantis Banff Television Executive Program, and is a two-time Governor General’s Award-nominee and industry award-winner for promoting women’s equality in Canada. A consultant, moderator and advocate for professional development in the film industry, Carol serves on a variety of industry committees including, the BC Screen-based Media Industry Human Resources Project Steering Committee, a first ever effort to bring together the three media sectors of Film & TV, Animation & Visual Effects and Gaming to develop a strategy towards a sustainable and more integrated screen-based media industry in the province.

Ravida Din has an uncompromising commitment to social justice and feminism. It is integral to her work and a strong guiding principle towards bringing an insightful and engaging analysis to social documentary film.

In her position as the NFB's Quebec Executive Producer, her mandate is to envision and manage a varied program of theatrical and television documentaries, community based media and alternative drama. Recent credits include: Family Motel, an alternative drama with an innovative narrative approach to exploring the complex interplay between poverty, housing and immigration; Nollywood Babylon, an African success story about the Nigerian film industry; Roadsworth: Crossing the Line, a portrait of a stencil artist, and a glimpse into the rapidly expanding culture of street art, which silently demands that we rethink our public space.

A native Montrealer,Tanya Kelen is a senior television executive with over 15 years of international industry experience. In 2008, she launched Kelen Content, a boutique consultancy where she specializes in strategic planning and business development across TV and multi platforms with production companies, government agencies and broadcasters. She has secured financing for original productions with major broadcasters including Discovery USA and International, CBC, ITV, BBC, History Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, PBS, QUBO/NBC, Disney/JETIX, RTL, ABC Australia, RAI, Canal+ amongst many others.

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