Paulina Abarca-Cantin
Director General Studio XX

Kat Baulu
Producer, Quebec Centre
National Film Board

Kat joined the National Film Board's Quebec Centre in 2007. She produces feature documentary, new media and training programs for emerging creators. Her newly minted films include award-winning Rip! A remix manifesto, a participatory media feature documentary on copyright. Kat is excited by storytelling on the web. Work For All is an online film project about racism in the workplace. Kat produced First Person Digital , a training and production program for women exploring new approaches to storytelling in multimedia. It premieres at HTMlles.



Reisa Levine
Production Supervisor - First Person Digital

Reisa is a senior media professional with over 20 years of experience in the domains of film and new-media. Her career in media production spans from creative development to technical implementation to distribution and social marketing. She has created and produced works in multiple genres and formats including animation, documentary, web platforms and podcasts. She is the Producer for CitizenShift & Parole citoyenne and produces a weekly radio show / podcast called The Digital Life Show.